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SNK Back to School

Waking up on the First Day

In the car on the way 

Seeing your friends again

Seeing that one person who became really good-looking over the summer

Seeing the person you hate again

Starting a class you’re excited for

Starting a class you hate

Going home realizing it’s going to be a long year

It’s gotten to the point in TTG where their relationship has become “Mmmm something’s going on *eyebrow raise*” 

And I love it XD


Updating your Tumblr 


Updating your Tumblr 


This scene, man…

(Sorry about the really low quality on the last two—blame Tumblr’s size limit >_<)

Anytime Double D cries makes me like “Awww, poor baby”

Do you think you could draw just a cute little BBRae drawing where BB leans over the couch all sweet while Raven's reading and he could just be all "Whatcha reading? Is it good?" I don't know, he's just curious cuz she's been reading the same book for a while. Feel free to interpret any way you want! :) Please and thank you! <3


Oh maybe! ^^ I have an itch to draw

YAY!!!!! :D Looking forward to whatever you’re inspired to create!!! 


↪ Robin and Starfire get married.

BABIES!!! <3


Are you ready for riveting tale of love as performed by a bunch of puppets and a way too enthusiastic 12-year old girl? Tune in next week for the big Sock Opera in an all new Gravity Falls, only on Disney XD! 

There’s something about a laptop and a demon too but who cares, PUPPETS!



How come I picture almost all of these as Beast Boy and Raven texting during their relationship?